Galib Mehmed Esad Dede says:

Hoşça bak zatına kim zübde-i âlemsin sen.

My first name is Hasan—with single S. (It’s neither Hassan nor Hacen!)

My last name is Ateş (pronounced [ˈateʃ]).


This website is intended to exist for sharing the outputs of my inertia. Basically this activity shall end up in one or more of the following topics:

  1. Building Commissioning
  2. Algorithmic Composition
  3. 8-bit Arts
  4. Chiptunes
  5. Wabi-sabi
  6. Absurdism
  7. Oud


Because, as stated in Wikiquote article:

… the qualities of communicable information available to the human mind, and relationships within Reality makes any certainty about the inherent meanings of anything, including human existence, impossible.