Professional Social Networking for Expats: InterNations

I have been an InterNations member since 2015, and recently started acting as Ambassador Baghdad of InterNations.

My membership has provided me with a subtle array of new expat and local connections from different countries and industries. Once the Baghdad ambassadorship was awarded to me, I went ahead to organize the first ever online event to pull together the Baghdad community. Afterwards, together with my partner Ms Hajir Majid who joined me shortly after completing her master’s degree, we have organized 2 online events so far, which I should note that have already been a teaching experience personally and professionally for myself. A few key observations I have got are:

  • People in general are fed up about COVID-19 and, in all conscience, do not want to talk (or hear) about it.
  • Online meetings have given people the opportunity to socialize without leaving the comfort of their bedrooms.
  • No matter how large the number of registrants is in an online event, the show-up rate depends on the interest and relevancy of the people who are invited. Therefore, the invitees should consist of a targeted group of people.

I recommend expats to join InterNations for a privileged social networking experience, like a pro!

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